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About Peru Path

We are a Peru-based travel firm of local Cusquenians serving clients worldwide.

Peru path was founded in 2009; Peru Path has change to ADVENTURE Peru path because another company has hacked our Website Today we are a leading tour operator serving more than 500 travelers a year. We have our office in Cusco (Cusco – Peru – South America) as well as we  have a Lima, Arequipa and Puno offices and a full time staff.

Adventure Peru path By Indigenous Believes.

Adventure Peru path offers an Authentic and Unique Travel Expereinces but at the Same time we Respect our people, We know how important is to work with a TRUSTWORTHY AND HONEST tour company, APP does not use their people as Marketing instruments we respect their local Believes, traditions and Idiology.

Adventure Peru Path does not mean Standard travel

Peru Path means Standard-conscious travel designed to get you the most value at an affordable price. We are very competitive with Price, Service and Authentic experiences.

Adventure Peru Path offers authentic travel Experiences

Peru Path partner only with the best hotels bets guides, and outfitters to ensure maximum comfort and the highest quality according to your choice.

100% Expert travel advice, personalized adventure planning, exceptional customer service, 24/7 in your trip assistance, and more!

From creating your own itinerary until your final transportation back home, we handle the logistics – details of travel so that you only get focus on what matters for you: enjoying the trip of a lifetime in Peru.