Machu Picchu Treks

About Peru Path

We are a Cusco Peru-based travel company consisting of local indigenous people who serve travelers worldwide.

Adventure Peru Path was founded in 2009 and today we are a leading tour trekking company, serving more than 500 travelers a year at our location in Cusco.

Adventure Peru Path’s ideology is based in indigenous beliefs of reciprocity (Ayni, as it is called in Quechua) and interconnection. It is integral that we are active participants who give to our local communities and those communities we work with throughout our treks, while supporting sustainability, and cultural preservation.

We offer an authentic and unique trekking experience while respecting the local way of life and traditions.  We see travel and our tours as a means of education, building cultural connection and awareness. Through collaboration with our local communities and employees we strive to provide the best and fair wages to everyone involved, while at the same time giving you the most value at an affordable price.

At Adventure Peru Path safety and comfort are also important pillars in our company. We employ knowledgeable and well trained guides and expert chefs, partner with the best hotels and supply advance and high quality outdoor gear.

We strive to personalize your adventure planning with exceptional 24 hour customer service to assist you in any way we can to make your travel trekking experience the most memorable and enjoyable as possible.

From planning a customizable itinerary, comfortable transport, and assisting you in accessing any resources you may need, our first priority is creating the most fantastic experience of a lifetime in the majestic land of Peru.