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The shamanic brew Ayahuasca Peru continues to gain popularity worldwide as many people travel vast distances to South America to experience this ancient traditional plant medicine of the Amazon. Peru has one of the most ancient traditions with the medicine Ayahuasca, and so it is probably the most popular destination for travelers to experience the Vine of the Dead.

Ayahuasca PeruIf you are a first time drinker of Ayahuasca you probably have a lot of questions.  We will pretend if you are reading this you know nothing about the plant medicine Ayahuasca Peru, and we will try and cover all aspects of what it is, how it´s made, to proper dietary preperations before drinking.

What is Ayahuasca?

The Ayahuasca brew is mixture of a couple different plants found in the Amazon jungle.  Depending on the region of the jungle you will find different combinations and ingredients, but the foundation of the brew will usually always be the same.  The shamans will prepare the Ayahuasca vine and mix it with the Chacruna leaf.  The leaf is what contains the DMT chemical however our bodies break down DMT in our stomaches before our body is allowed to absorb it.  This is why the chacruna leaf is mixed with the Ayahuasca vine.  The vine contains MOA inhibitors, which blocks the substance in our stomaches that would normally keep the DMT from being absorbed by our bodies.  This mix of plants is just one brilliant medicinal brew using plants the Shamans of the Amazon have figured out.

Once consumed, it usually takes about an hour or less for someone to feel its effects.  The effects vary throughout the experience usually starting with nausea or feelings of drunkiness, and then moving to feelings of bliss and euphoria.  It is very common as well for a person to purge.  Purging comes in various forms, and can consist of one or all of the following : vomiting, diarrhea, becoming very hot or very cold, laughing hysterically, or crying.  All of these are considered purges and usually represent an emotional or spiritual release from the body.  The body attempts to understand what is happening physically and so the purge can come in many forms.  This process is a vital part of the Ayahuasca Retreat in Cusco but is not mandatory.  There are times you will drink Ayahuasca and not feel any of the above effects.  How well you followed the Ayahuasca dieta will also play a major role into your overall experience.

Ayahuasca PeruWhat are the DIET restrictions before Ayahuasca Retreat in Cusco?

If you plan on drinking Ayahuasca Peru, there are a few dietary restrictions you might want to take note of.  These are more than just recommendations but are serious requirments.  There is some bodily chemistry at work and the last thing you want to do is mix the wrong substances!  Be sure to ask whoever your facilitator is about the necessary dietary restrictions, but until then, here are the basics:

No alcohol

No white or processed sugars

No meat

No prescription drugs

The length of time varies between traditions of how long you must go without these things, but a fair rule of thumb would be at LEAST 3 days before you plan on drinking Ayahuasca, and for sure none of the above diet restrictions on the day you plan to drink Ayahuasca Peru.

You will be safe eating only vegatarian style meals, drinking lots of juice as well as hot tea.  The day you plan on drinking eat a small breakfast and drink tea throughout the day.  Do your best to not eat anything at least 6 to 8 hours prior to your Ayahuasca experience.  Fasting is the best way to go.  There are some traditions and practices that would even advise you to stay away from sexual activity for as long as possible before drinking Ayahuasca.  Do what you feel is right and trust your intuition.  However much effort you put into the preperation, the medicinal brew of Ayahuasca will likewise put that much effort back into you and your experience.