Inca Trail Packing List

Publicado el: 5 de June de 2017 - Por: Adventure Peru Path

Inca Trail Packing List for the hike

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is an adventure trek usually last up to four days and three nights in the beautiful back country of the Andes Mountains.  Knowing what to bring can make the difference in your comfort and enjoyment of the Inca Trail tour.  PERU PATH will provide the essentials such as tents for you to sleep in every night, optional rental gear like sleeping bags and sleeping pads if you don´t already have your own, as well as all the main food such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.  However there may be some other things you will want to bring, and here is what we recommend:

Passport – It is important while traveling to always have your passport in a safe place and or on you at all times.  There will be a place to get the official Inca Trail and Machu Picchu stamp for your passport.

Wallet and money – There will be a few chances on the first and second day to purchase any last minute snacks or water for your Inca Trail tour.  As well as if you would like to buy any food or gifts while in Aguas Calientes after the Inca Trail tour has completed.  We recommend having smaller sized bills of the Peruvian currency as not everyone will have change to give back to you.

An already worn pair of hiking shoes/boots – this is an adventure trek in the Andes Mountains, having the right foot wear is essential.

A walking stick, or a pair of walking sticks – This will help with saving your knees by taking the brunt force of your steps while descending down the mountain trails.  Highley recommended.  There will be walking sticks available for purchase in Ollantaytambo before we head out on the Inca Trail tour.

Warm jacket or sweater, rain pancho or water resistant windbreaker – The weather on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is very unpredictable.  There are times where you will be very warm, and other times at the higher elevations you will need protection from the cold mountain air.  There is always a chance for rain especially if you are coming in the wet season!

Extra pairs of socks – Taking care of your feet is important while on multiple day hikes.

Extra t-shirts, and or longsleeve shirts – After a long day of hiking on the Inca Trail tour, it is very likely you will be sweating a lot.  Having an extra dry clean shirt to change into at the end of the day is important.

Water resistant  or quick dry pants – Comfortable pants that are quick to dry are recommended for hiking the Inca Trail.  Jeans are ok as well, however if it rains they are very slow to dry.

A small day pack – While on the Inca Trail tour, your porters that are provided by PERU PATH will carry one large bag of yours, while you can have a day pack to carry yourself.  This pack is can be used to hold your water, any extra snacks you might want to bring, a place to put your jacket or sweater if it gets hot as well as a place to keep your camera if you choose to bring one.

A small flash light, or head light – During the Inca Trail tour you will be far into the Andes Mountains away from any artifical lighting.  Once the sun goes down it will get dark very quick, having a personal light scource for finding the restroom or navigating back to your tent is recommended.

Sunscreen– Here in Peru and especially at high elevations in the Andes Mountains, the sun is extra hot due to the lack of ozone.  You are also in a country thats closer to the equator probably more than what you are use to.  We recommend having sunscreen for your face and neck mainly.  This will make your Inca Trail tour more enjoyable when not worry about a sunburn.

Bugspray – Once we get to the third and fourth day of the Inca Trail tour, the climate begins to change to a more humid high jungle enviroment where mosquitos in particular seem to thrive.  Having an effective bug spray or repelent just in case will make your Inca Trail tour that much more comfortable.

Gloves or Mittens – This is up to you, but at some points of the hike especially at the higher elevations it will be very cold.  Since heat is released mainly from your fingers and head, having a pair of gloves just in case is important to a comfortable trek.  Even if you don´t need them, they are small enough to keep in your day pack until they are needed.

Water bottle, or water bottles – During the first couple days on the Inca Trail tour you will have the chance to purchase water from locals.  However we recommend you make the proper preperations to bring your own water bottle.  Having one large water bottle to keep in your day pack, and one small water bottle to keep on the outside of your day pack for easy access is recommended, having enough water is very important.  Staying hydrated is essential to having a good Inca Trail tour experience.

Camera – You are hiking for multiple days through some of the most beautiful mountain terrain on the planet.  Not only that, but there will be numerous chances to explore and view ancient Inca constructions all along the Inca Trail tour.  We recommend having a camera to document your journey and to have lasting memories you can share with your friends and family.

One or two rolls of toilet paper – While hiking the Inca Trail Tour, bathroom access is limited.  You will most likely be connecting with nature and finding a nice personal space off the trail to do your business.  Having your own personal roll of toilet paper for moments like this are crucial.  Also it can be used as a tissue or a napkin.  Simple and small, we highley recommend you bring at least one.

Hand sanitizer or soap – This is completly up to you.  We recommend having at least your own hand sanitizer or soap to wash up before meals or whenever you feel is necessary.

Chapstick – This will help with the sun when it is hot, and with the coldness of the high elevations while hiking the Inca Trail tour.

Travel First Aide Kit – Backpacking and trekking through the mountains is unpredictable.  It is possible you might get a few scrapes and bruises.  Having the proper tools at your disposal might be a good idea.

The Inca Trail tour to Machu Picchu is a life changing experience.  Being out in Mother Natures world comes with many benifits.  You will be tested physically and mentally and walk away from the journey with a new outlook on life.  Making the proper preperations before the Inca Trail tour can change the experience for the better when you don´t have to worry about small things that could have been prevented, and instead enjoying fully the beauty and majesty that is the Inca Trail tour.