Inca Trail Reviews

Publicado el: 5 de June de 2017 - Por: Adventure Peru Path

PERU PATHs Inca Trail Reviews

Over the years our company has made many friends and lifelong memories with our clients.  We have saved all of their Inca Trail reviews as well as reviews for our other treks and hikes.  Each of our Inca Trail reviews are reflections of PERU PATHs goal of creating a memorable and authentic Peruvian experience.

Here are some Inca Trail reviews from some of our clients choosing PERU PATH:

“Freddy + Christian are a dynamic duo! Both contain a wealth of knowledge of Incan history and Peruvian facts. We trekked with Christian to Rainbow mountain (Vinicunca), while learning about the surrounding mountain chains and chatting with locals. The views were spectacular. They surprised us with a wonderful hot meal and desert at the bottom of the trail where Freddy met us. On our way back to town we stopped and they purchased artesian bread from the locals for us to try. They pointed out towns + significant locations along the way, and also answered any questions we had about other treks even if we wouldn’t be traveling with their company. Christian has a wealth of knowledge about the traditional medicine practices (Ayahuasca) and accompanied me to my first ceremony, which was nothing short of magical. I was welcomed as family and created friendships that will last a lifetime. I will most definitely be back to Peru!”  -Laysea

“Had one of the best hikes of my life, from start to finish it was a great journey, it started with having breakfast with the locals from a remote village to the actual hike with a breath taking view and truly enjoyable human being to guide it every step of the way, when I return to Peru with out a doubt I’ll be planning as many trios as I can with Peru Path. Thanks again”  -Nash

More Inca Trail reviews from our friends:

“We canceled our tour with the other company because they had left us stranded 3 times after arriving from trains and buses from our tours. We were hesitant to book with another company thinking they were all the same. Peru Path is definitely not the same.  Rainbow Mountain was absolutely beautiful! I am so glad we had a positive experience and we have the great memories in the photos that Freddy so graciously took for us! Freddy and John really took care of us and we felt very safe and secure with them!”  -Susan

“My wife and I signed up for the Classic 4 Days Inca Trail experience through Adventure Peru path. We had a great time and would highly recommend this top-of-the-line company if you are considering the Inca Trail experience.”  -Patrik

Inca Trail reviews continued…

“Peru Path was nothing short of amazing. My husband and I are usually reluctant when booking “tours” when traveling because we do not want the “tourist” experience. We just want to experience the awesome treasures of this world with meaning, and our guides Freddy and Christian, went above and beyond. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu itself was breathtaking, and had we not booked this trekking tour, we would have just hopped on a bus and missed all that beauty and serenity. We will DEFINITELY trek with them again!”  -Courtney

“Me and a group of 4 new friends embarked on the four day Inca trail together with Peru Path. Our tour guide’s name was Bernie. It’s really hard for me to describe the experience in words because it was one of the most beautiful and momentous experiences of my lifetime.”  -Megan

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