Inca Trail Wildlife

Publicado el: 5 de June de 2017 - Por: Adventure Peru Path

The Inca Trail Wildlife on the Machu Picchu hike

There is an abundance of diverse and unique Inca Trail Wildlife in the Andes Mountains of Peru.  More importantly the final destination of the Inca Trail tour brings you to Machu Picchu, which happens to be one of the most protected and preserved sanctuaries in all of Peru.  The Inca Trail covers many different climates and topographies which in turn yields a variety of different ecosystems for wildlife to thrive in.  This 26 mile stretch of the Classic 4 Days Inca Trail has more than 370 different bird species many in which can´t be found anywhere else on the planet.  There is also about 50 different mammal species found here along with over 700 known different butterfly species.  Chances are you will have a chance to glimpse some unique and beautiful wildlife while trekking on your Classic 4 Days Inca Trail tour.

A few of the most commonly observed bird species in these parts consist of the White-tipped Swift, the Versicoloured Barbet, and the amazing Collared Trogan.  There is a section of the Classic Inca Trail as well that is known specifically as the “Zona de Osos,” or the Bear Zone.  Along this section of the Inca Trail tour, although very rare, you may have the chance to observe the elusive and very peaceful Spectacled Bear.  These bears are the last known species of short faced bears known to exist in the world today and are the only native species of bears known to exist in South America.  Seeing one of these on the Classic Inca Trail would be an amazingly rare gift.

Upon your arrival to the sacred Inca site of Machu Picchu you will notice a funny looking mammal wandering around the Inca site.  These furry and long necked curious creatures are the famous Andean Alpaca.  Many people mistake the Alpaca for a llama and its easy to see why.  The Alpaca however are usually much smaller with the main difference of the two coming from the difference in quality of their wool.  The softer Alpaca wool is carefully woven into many different Andean and Peruvian style clothes and blankets that are extremely comfortable, soft, and most importantly very warm.  You will notice that the Andean people still herd these animals to this day as they still play a vital role in their society.

While hiking along your Classic Inca Trail tour, make it a habit to look upwards towards the sky.  Known as a symbol of good luck amongst trekkers, if you are lucky you will observe the largest known bird species on the planet, the Andean Condor.  This bird has a wingspan of ten feet ten inches and can weigh anywhere from 17-33lbs.  The Condor is an important symbol in the Inca ideology, representing the heavens.  Since it is only found soaring over the highest peaks of the largest mountains, it was known to the Inca as the messenger of the gods.  The Andean Condor nests at a breathtaking elevation of over 16,000 feet usually and only lays up to two eggs at a time.  Along with being the largest bird species in the world, it also holds the record of having one of the longest life spans.  The Condor will often time live up to 70 years or more.  The majestic Condor is the national symbol of many South America countries including Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile.

The Classic 4 Days Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu offers many unique chances to not only learn and explore human history and culture, but to observe some of the most beautiful wildlife on Earth.  While trekking have your camera ready and make sure to be very aware of your surroundings.  You never know what may be observing you!