Choquequirao 4 days trek

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Choquequirao 4 days trek – Best Journey

 Choquequirao TreksPERU PATH offers a shorter versión of the Choquequirao journey with the Choquequirao 4 days trek.  The Choquequirao 4 days trek is for those travelers who wish to experience this beautiful hike but do not have the time to hike for a week or longer.  The Choquequirao 4 day’s journey is a shorter version of the hike but you still have the chance to experience all the beauty of the megalithic Inca site of Choquequirao as well as pass through beautiful local villages and hike beautiful landscapes in the Andes Mountains.

The Choquequirao 4 day’s journey begins in the same location of as the other treks.  You will hike for a few hours on the first day passing spectacular view points with the chance to observe the mystical Andean Condor flying in its natural environment.  After a few hours of hiking, you will descend towards your campsite for the night.  Upon your arrival you will be greeted with a great meal prepared by our PERU PATH chefs and you will have the chance to relax and take in the beautiful scenery.  All food on your Choquequirao 4 days trek is prepared by our chefs and if there are any specific requests for food please let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to compensate you and your needs.

The second day of your Choquequirao 4 days journey begins early in the morning.  You will be awoken with a cup of hot coca tea, and shortly after you will enjoy a great breakfast.  The hike will continue shortly after.  The trek on the second day will last many hours as you descend and ascend beautiful mountain trails through lush vegetation on your way to the last refuge of the Inca at Choquequirao.  After lunch you will continue on for about an hour and a half towards the main site of Choquequirao.  Your Choquequirao 4 days trek is one not experienced by many other travelers so chances are you will be alone upon your arrival to this amazing Inca site.  The second day of your trek will end at the Inca ruins of Choquequirao where you will camp out on location.

The third day of your journey will begin on site at Choquequirao.  Today you have the chance to explore the entire site.  Choquequirao is massive, and getting around the site will be a hike in and of itself.  The views from the main site of Choquequirao are unmatched, and you will have the chance to truly appreciate the mindset of the ancient people who constructed this beautiful construction.  After a guided tour by your PERU PATH guide and after you have had a chance to explore the ruins we will begin our hike to the next campsite for the evening.

The last day of your Choquequirao 4 days trek takes you back to where you began the trek.  After many days of hiking you will have lots of memories to share with your friends and family.