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Choquequirao tour

Choquequirao Tours – The Last Refuge of the Inca

choquequirao-trekChoquequirao isn´t a commonly known name amongst tourists coming to Peru.  The masses have a focus on the holy sanctuary of Machu Picchu as its beautiful location and scale have been talked about being unmatched by anything else the Inca may have done.  As thousands of tourists everyday converge onto the beautiful Machu Picchu location, the last refuge of the Inca remains hidden and only the die hard trekkers and backpackers remain aware of the megalithic Inca site known as Choquequirao.  Most tour companies in Cusco offer the Choquequirao Tours, however only a few hundred people a month ever take the journey on the multiple day Choquequirao trek.

The Choquequirao trek spans the course of seven to ten days usually.  There is no need for a permit or a guide to embark on this adventure, however it is highly recommended.  The Choquekirao Tours is not for the casual hiker or tourist.  PERU PATH offers customizable multiple day options for the Choquequirao trek including a bi lingual guide, a cook to prepare all your food while on your adventure, and horses to carry all supplies.  The Choquekirao tours takes hikers and explorers high into the mountains completing three 4000 meter or more passes, and trekking through some of the most beautiful and virtually unknown areas of the Andes Mountains.

Usually hikers will arrive to the site on the second day of trekking.  The Choquequirao Tours allows you to camp on location at the Inca ruins and free reign over most of the location.  this Inca site has only been partially excavated and much still remains to be discovered.  This is truly a unique chance to explore ruins and an ancient civilization before major tour companies move in to start regulating what and where trekkers can explore.  For now, Choquekirao remains a beautiful gift to explorers willing to embark on the grueling multiple day journey that is the Choquequirao trek.  If massive crowds and over priced tours don´t peek your interest, the Choquequirao trek is worth looking into.

The last refuge of the Inca empire at Choqueqirao is a testament towards the mindset of the Inca.  The site is ontop of a very high mountain surrounded by lush green vegatation with only a small percent actually visible.  The rest of Choquequirao remains hidden beneath years worth of overgrowth.  While on the Choqequirao trek one will get the feeling that they themselves have discovered this beautiful secret of the Andes.  Choqueqirao offers a rare glimpse into the rich Inca historical past, and the Choqequirao trek is the best way to experience this beautiful Inca site.  The Choqueqirao trek may be the most difficult trek you ever embark on, however it will also be the most rewarding thing you ever experience.  Upon you arrival to Cusco city, if multiple day hikes to Machu Picchu interest you, Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu is the highlight to any trip to Peru