Choquequirao trek 10 days

Choquequirao trek 10 days – Top Expedition

Choquequirao treksPERU PATHs Choquequirao trek 10 days  is the ultimate hiking adventure through the beautiful Andes Mountain valleys visiting local villages and ancient Inca sites.  Choquequirao is known as the last refuge of the ancient Inca people and has only been partially excavated.  The Choquequirao trek 10 days  takes travelers through authentic off the beaten path trails ascending and descending over high altitude mountain passes all the way to the virtually unknown Inca location of Choquequirao.  If large crowds and over pòpulated trails don´t interest you at all, the Choquequirao 10 days trek is the best choice for a hike while you are visiting Peru.

Choquequirao trek 10 days gets only a few hundred visitors while its sister trail, the Classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu sees thousands.  Besides the local people living along the path in their beautiul authentic mountain villages, and a couple of hikers here and there, the Choquequirao 10 days trek will offer you the chance to explore beautiful locations and Inca sites virtually by yourself.  When arriving to these Inca locations like Choquequirao you will have the feeling that you have taken part in its discovery.  Choquequirao itself is still only partially excavated so much of the Inca city is still hidden beneath lush green vegetation.

Unlike Machu Picchu and the Classic Inca Trail, the Choquequirao 10 days trek allows you to actually camp out on location at the Inca city.  This is a once in a lifetime opurtunity to eat, sleep, and explore on site at the last refuge of the Inca.  Our PERU PATH guide will provide all the necessary information and history about Choquequirao and take you on a very in depth and comprehensive tour of the location.  The Choquequirao 10 days trek is an odyssey of a hike, so PERU PATH will also provide all the necessary food, cooks, and horsemen to carry all of your extra bags and supplies.  Our local and bi lingual guides will  make sure that your Choquequirao 10 days trek is as safe and as informative as possible to ensure you have a memorable experience.

Along the Choquequirao 10 days trek you will also have the opurtunity to rest your sore muscles in the natural hot springs of Santa Teresa.  These hot springs are the best in the area and provide some much needed rest and relaxation after a week of trekking through the Andes Mountains high jungle.  PERU PATHs Choquequirao 10 days trek is one of the most beautiful hikes that we offer, and can be customized according to your needs and time restraints.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to customize your Choquequirao 10 days trek to ensure you have a profound and unique experience full of memories that you will tell your friends and family about for years to come.