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Climate in Peru

When travelling to Peru it is important to know the weather conditions of our country so you can prepare accordingly. Peru is situated in South America between the Equator line and the Tropic of Capricorn, in the warmest part of the world.

Peru is divided in 3 areas: the coast, the mountains and the amazon. The diversity makes it a perfect destination for an amazing trip.

On the coast the climate is generally temperate, except the north coast, it has a semitropical climate because it is not under the influence of the Niño Current, which is a warm current that comes from the north.

The region of mountains also called Region Andina, has a variable climate, especially during the day. It goes from very warm in the low parts of the valleys and ravines to the cold climate in the high parts. Only the jungle region, also called Montaña, has a warm and damp climate with heavy rains it could last for days and sometimes for a month.

Finally there is the amazon of Peru, rich in the variety of fauna and flora authentic and unique for those explorers looking for adventures, the Amazon is a very humid region and is very wet. It is a tropical area and the rainfalls are very heavy, it is the most extensive region of our national territory.

We understand if you need more details about the climate and the weather in Peru so contact us and we will recommend what to take according to the trip that you are taking.