Machu Picchu Treks

Our Family

We are a diverse group of professional expert guides in Cusco & all Peru with more than 10 years guiding, coming from cities all across Peru and from countries around South America. Across our different backgrounds, we share two very important things in common: PASSION FOR TRAVEL and a BELIEF that RESPONSIBLE CARING CLIENTS – CUSTOMER service is the best way to create an excellent, authentic and comfortable trip experience to our country. If you want to know more about us keep reading about the team who will make your trip a lifetime experience.

Freddy Solano; FOUNDER – Expert Tour Guide

  • I was born – grown – live in Peru – Cusco the Capital of the Incas, I´m working as a tour guide in Peru for more than 12 years, I studied tourism and business administration at the University of Cusco I have traveled for years around Peru leading groups making my best to make sure they have a great experience.
  • I consider myself very knowledgeable about the Inca Culture, especially in Andean religion and Andean Cosmo vision; I love to share information with anyone who cares to listen. I enjoy river rafting, trekking, mountain biking and I want to offer the best possible experience of Peru, because I am still a guide. My dream is one day being consider the best Tour Guide in Peru by a recognized Corporation like National Geographic Magazine.
  • I feel very happy because I have the chance to offer experiences to other people and at the same I have the chance to work with my people though Peru Path foundation.
  • Peru path is the idea to offer the most authentic experience possible in my country, we are working in sustainable and responsible tourism, we do not just pretend to help showing pictures, we are truly responsible with our people making your trip and your dreams real.
  • Peru path has the philosophy of traveling and helping communities at the same time. We are a Peru travel agency run by experienced guides from Cusco, what we want to offer is the pathways to the real Peru in a different perspective and authentic view.

Simon Ocampo: Manager of Perú Path

  • I am a Professional in tourism from the University of Cusco, I have been working on the Inca trail for the last 15 years in the Inca trail as a guide and as a manager of different other travel agencies, I do have all the experience to make your trip perfect as you were expecting.
  • I can speak 3 languages, Spanish is my native lungage, I learned Quechua from My parents and I speak English because I work in tourism, I understand the main activity in the city is tourism so I want to help your experience come true
  • We are working in Peru path as a big family I am the oldest and with all my experience I want to lead all this team to become one of the most reputable travel agencies in Peru offering the best trip and creating great memories for you.

Leyla Patricia: Assistant Manager

  • I am originally from Cusco – Peru, My name is Leyla Patricia, I studied English and tourism and Business administration at the University, I love the culture, landscape and history of the high Andes and I decided to make the Tourism activity my life.
  • After graduation she went to Puno to teach English as a second language, taking advantage of long weekends and holidays to explore parts of Bolivia, Puno, Arequipa, and of course the enchanting peninsulas and beaches of Lake Titicaca. Of course she was learning about the realities and social problems faced by the people of the communities in the Andes so she decided to help us in Peru path Corporation and Peru Path foundation.
  • Patricia is consider as the hardest worker of Peru path Team, at the same time consider as the boss and leader of all the new Ideas about Peru Path programs including the Social work & educational programs.

Isidora Rivera: Operation & Social Manager

  • Isidora grew up in Lucre, Cusco, Peru, hearing her family tells stories about the city and the wonderful Inca Temples. When she was 10, her family moved to Cusco city; and in high school, she loved history classes. During those years she also participated in cleaning archeology spots in her district, specifically the Area of Sacsay huaman and other Inca sites. The passion for her heritage and Peru’s history motivated her to study Hotel & Tourism Management but unfortunately she could not finish because she got a Family very Early.
  • Today she is planning to make the final year of studies, she is working at the office she speaks Quechua so she is the person taking care of the office operations such us tickets and bookings of the Inca trail, she also is a volunteer to find the right communities where Peru path foundation should help. The benefit to speck Quechua makes her find very easy to communicate with the locals.

Willian Huanca: Expert Tour Guide

  • Willian was born and raised in the Incan capital of Cusco in a small community in the south of the city, which inspired his fascination with archeology and history from a young age sice he was 16 years old. During his childhood, he spent his time learning and practicing soccer and Mathematics. At the age of 12 he moved to Cusco the City, he went into a military and religious schools that he attended gave him the determination to become part of the Cusco and Peru Army.
  • After school and Army, he joined University to study tourism. He earned a degree in Archeology and tourism from San Antonio Abad del Cusco University. His experience living in Cusco and its surrounding countryside made him realize that this is what he truly loves and where his passion really lies. He now is consider the best tour guide in Cusco because his knowledge about Incas.
  • As part of his studies and his job as a tour guide, Fabricio has explored many parts of the southern Peru, leading groups of tourists through these areas. He is always proud to learn, teach and be part of this Inca culture.

Hugo Anaya: Expert Tour Guide

  • Hugo is our official tour guide for Machu Picchu and the tours in the city and the Sacred Valley – and he is a great one at that. He is from Cusco and his knowledge of the city, its history; He is in fact a direct descendant of one of the last Inca and is deeply proud of his cultural heritage. Hugo studied medicine at the National University of Cusco. Doctor doesn’t often become tour guides but by some stroke of luck Hugo was given the opportunity, after graduating in Tourism, of accompanying a few tourists through Peru. He became their defect guide through his home country and at the end of the tour realized that he had found his true calling the Tourism activity.
  • Hugo is deeply knowledgeable about the Inca civilization and is also very keen to share his wealth of information with anyone who wants to learn about the Inca culture. He enjoys, trekking, reading and technology, he is very charismatic, and aims to give tourists the best possible experiences of Peru imaginable, he never stop, he has that much to talk – means you can make easily a book with all the Information.

Guido Quispe: Expert Tour Guide

  • Guido was born in Cusco, he has a nice Family and it makes him to work hard for them, he is very friendly and very knowledgeable about the Inca civilization, he is our best guide in adventure activities such as the Mountain Biking, River Rafting, Trekking and Ziplinning.
  • Consider as well as the best worker of Peru path because he is always open to help in all the activities of Peru path, he studied tourism in the Institute of Antonio Lorena for more than 3 years and he has more than 7 years’ experience working in adventure.
  • He loves nature and he will definitely do his best to make sure you have an awesome experience in Peru – Machupicchu.