Machu Picchu Treks

Mountain Spirit & Machupicchu 9 Days

  • Enjoy the Majesty of our country, visit Peru passing by the most impressive Inca trails of the Territory, get to Machupicchu for sunrise and get the best value for your trip to Peru.

    • Peru Path Deluxe Tour package & Machu Picchu tour.
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    • Follow the legendary Salcantay trek to Machupicchu in 9 days, through the spectacular scenery of the Andes in the territory of Peru, past centuries-old Inca sites, toward the mythical holly city of Machu Picchu.
    • The mysterious Inca site and the amazing trails that takes you there without a doubt is the highlight of any trip and vacations to Peru – South America.
    • The Salcantay trek is one of the most famous alternative trekking routes in the world; recently it was considered by NATGEO as a great adventure to take.
    • Visitors will be struck by the majestic beauty and human ingenuity of the great Inca citadel that remained hidden until just over 104 years ago.
    • Along the trip to Machupicchu you will be able to admire various archeological sites and visit traditional villages where few locals keep their ancient ways of life as the Incas. You will sleep at campsites and dine of high quality meals (the food provide by Peru path team is Consider by most of our clients the best in Peru).
    • All meals are prepared by a chef who works magic with simple ingredients and a small propane stove.
    • All the essentials for the trek are provided by Peru Path, including an expert bilingual Local guide who will help you fly through this magical journey into the clouds of the Andes and the Trails.
    • If you wish we can include the Inca trail of 4 or 5 days in this itinerary, but you need to book in advance to make sure we find a spot on the Inca trail to Machupicchu. Or we can include another alternative hike to Machupicchu of 3, 4 5 or more days, just contact us.

    • Days: 2
    • Price Per Person: 989.00 USD
    • Difficulty: Moderate – Challenging
    • Groups Depart: Every Day
    • Open Groups (Specific Dates): Check Confirm Groups(link)
    Open Groups (Specific Dates): Check Confirm Groups(link)
    DELUXE PREMIUM STANDARD Group of friends, family, school personalize your price
    2999.00 USD 1399.00 USD 989.00 USD Contact us, we are happy to help, how big is your party? We guarantee the best experience for the best value.

    We need 2 people minimum to run the tour (Any Date): Check Inca Trail Availability (link)

    The prices are per person, IF YOU ARE SOLO TRAVELLER let us know so we will send you a customizable price for you and if you wish you can join our groups.

    Note: Prices may vary according to the season, availability, and client preferences, if your trip is coming soon, Please contact us for more information and make the booking immediately, if you make your booking 60 days prior the trip we can guarantee the prices below.

    Before you see all the prices we have to show and make clear about the type of service you wish to take, we are offering 3 types of Services:

    STANDARD: we do consider the standard service to all those who prefer to go with other people and do not mind to stay in a basic hotel instead of a fancy hotel; we do consider also the budget of travelers. Please ask for the list of Hotels accommodation that we use for this type of Experience.

    PREMIUN: we recommend to take this trip because is the most complete, great hotels and normally private service in all our packages, it is 100% operated by Peru path, normally we use 3* hotels with very accessible prices. Get a list of recommended hotels if you wish all those of 3*.

    DELUXE : Honeymoon?, anniversary?, birthday?, we know your trip is very special, you are very special for us, so we want to make sure you get the best for your trip, so this option offer to you the best hotels, best meals and finally the best experience all operated by Peru path, actually we include one of our representative that will work with you all your need the 24 hours while your trip, please ask the list of the Recommended hotels of 4* and 5* that we will use in Aguas Calientes and Cusco while your trip with us. If you want to see the details of our trip package in the deluxe option go to:

    • Day 1: Arrival to Lima City
    • Day 2: Arrival to Cusco City
    • Day 3: Sacred Valley Tour
    • Day 4: Salkantay Trek – Moon Stone – Soyroqocha
    • Day 5: Salkantay Trek – Soyrococha – Collpapampa.
    • Day 6: Salkantay Trek – Collpapampa – La Playa
    • Day 7: Salkantay Trek – La Playa – Aguas Calientes
    • Day 8: Machu Picchu full day Tour & Return to Cusco.
    • Day 9: Cusco – Lima – Home

  • Day 1: Arrival to Lima City

    Upon arrival to the Airport in Lima, a Peru path representative will meet you and show you to your airport hotel.

    Overnight in Lima.

    Day 2: Arrival to Cusco City

    Breakfast and Transfer to the airport for your flight to Cusco

    Upon arrival to the Cusco airport, a Peru path representative will meet you for the drive to the historic center. On the way to your hotel, you will see examples of Spanish colonial architecture constructed upon the remains of ancient Inca palaces and Inca temples.

    The city is located at high altitude, so you may want to spend the remainder of the day acclimatizing. Once you have adjusted to the altitude of the city of Cusco.

    Day 3: Sacred Valley Tour

    We leave the city of Cusco early in our transport, taking the road to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Crossing the Chinchero pampa (flat land) we take the turning to the town of Maras and the archaeological site of Moray.

    We begin our tour by visiting the “agricultural laboratory” of Moray. This consists of circular concentric geological depressions, reinforced by agricultural terracing following the shape of these geological lines. There are considerable temperature differences between these levels which facilitated the adaptation of plant species in different ecological levels. Especially the adaptation of the important Sacred Leaf of Mama Kuka of the Famous Coca leaf (erythroxylum coca).

    We leave this interesting archaeological site to follow the trail to the town of Maras, which grew in importance in the 17th century because of the exploitation and commercialization of the “salineras” or salt pans.

    We will cross the extensive Maras Pampas, where people farm the land and rear cattle and sheep. The Urubamba mountain range and its snow-capped peaks provide a spectacular background for our trek. In the town of Maras we will see the fronts of the ancient houses, made from finely worked stone, indicative of the economic heights achieved by the town’s population at that time. Here we will have Lunch to eat and a rest.

    We continue our drive through the spectacular Sacred Valley scenery, to arrive at the salineras of Maras, whose bright white can be seen from a long way away.

    We will take a tour of the salineras which have been used for a long time.

    In the afternoon we go back to the in Cusco or optionally in the afternoon we drive to the Town or Aparquilla where we have a local experience with Native Quechua local People, we will visit part of the Houses and see how they survived. We will camp here and spend the night to be prepared for the next day. No extra charge for the optional experience in the Premium or Deluxe service.

    We do have the chance to visit our small school built by Peru Path Foundation recently.

    Day 4: Salkantay Trek – Moon Stone – Soyroqocha

    After breakfast, we will drive into the beautiful Andean mountains and through Mollepata and to Soraypampa, where you will be able to have lunch and prepare for the trek. You will meet your trek team and load the horses with your equipment before setting off on your first hiking day.

    A three-hour hike will take you through Salkantaypampa from where you will catch your first glimpses of the magnificent Salkantay Mountain BIG PROTECTOR – BIG SPIRIT OF THE INCAS. The highest and most impressive peak of the Cordillera Vilcambamba, Salkantay truly lives up to its name, which comes from the Quechua word sallka,meaning savage or invincible.

    You will continue on a steep hike up to 14,715 feet (4,485 m) until you reach Soyroqocha, where you will find your campsite for the night. Enjoy a tasty and filling dinner prepared by the trek chef and take in the beauty of your surroundings as you prepare to spend your first night in the Vilcabamba.

    • Distance: 3.1 miles (5 km)
    • Minimum Altitude: 10,722 feet (3,268 m)
    • Maximum Altitude: 14,715 feet (4,485 m)
    • Approximate Time: 4 to 5 hours
    • Gradient: Moderate +

    Day 5: Salkantay Trek – Soyrococha – Collpapampa.

    Today you will be able to sleep in to avoid the piercing cold of the mountains’ early mornings. Enjoy the warmth inside your tent and a generous breakfast before starting the second and most demanding day of your trek. You will start your 7-hour hike climbing up to the Salkantay Pass, located at a dizzying height of 15,340 feet (4,650m). Once you reach the summit, you will have some time to rest and should you wish, build an apaccheta, a small stone tower, an Incan sign of respect to the sacred mountain or Apus Mountain spirit.

    Once you have had your fill of the striking view, you will continue on your hike and start descending toward the picturesque Huamantay Valley until you reach Collpapampa, where you will camp for the night. Here you will enjoy a well-earned dinner and rest after this challenging day.

    • Distance: 6.80 miles (11 km)
    • Minimum Altitude: 9,372 feet (2,840 m)
    • Maximum Altitude: 15,340 feet (4,650 m)
    • Approximate Time: 7 hours
    • Gradient: Challenging

    Day 6: Salkantay Trek – Collpapampa – La Playa

    The third day of the Salkantay trek is slightly easier than the others but just as full of stunning views and opportunities to admire the interesting wildlife populating the region. After breakfast, you will start your hike alongside the pleasant banks of the Santa Teresa River, which winds through forests of native trees, waterfalls, and coffee and fruit plantations. As you progress down the trail, you’ll notice the vegetation becoming greener and lush it will be very enjoyable.

    After a 5 to 6 -hours hike, you will reach your campsite, La Playa, where you will be able to take advantage of the toilet and shower facilities. Enjoy dinner and a quiet evening by the river’s refreshing waters.

    The day 3 of hike you have more options like hot springs or climbing a mountain of Llactapata we will let you know more details according to your physical conditions.

    • Distance: 6.2 miles (10 km)
    • Minimum Altitude: 6,850 feet (2,088 m)
    • Maximum Altitude: 9,372 feet (2,840 m)
    • Approximate Time: 7 hours
    • Gradient: Moderate

    Day 7: Salkantay Trek – La Playa – Aguas Calientes

    Today you will leave the valley and start climbing the trail up through gorgeous forestland until you reach the beautiful Llactapata archeological site, which was recently uncovered. From there, you will enjoy stunning views of both Machu Picchu and the grandiose Salkantay Mountain.

    You will then continue on your hike descending toward the Aobamba River until you reach the hydroelectric plant, where you will get our lunch.

    In the afternoon we will walk all around the mountain of Machupicchu and Huaynapicchu to get the feeling of those explorers who got to Machupicchu by 1900’s, finally we will get to Aguas Calientes, the town nearest to Machu Picchu.

    You will be taken to your confirmed hotel in Aguas Calientes, and have the remainder of the day to enjoy at your leisure resting at your hotel or exploring the lovely town of Aguas Calientes.

    • Distance: 7.2 miles (16 km)
    • Minimum Altitude: 6,233 feet (1,900 m)
    • Maximum Altitude: 9,240 feet (2,800 m)
    • Approximate Time: 7 to 8 hours
    • Gradient: Moderate to challenging

    Day 8: Machu Picchu full day Tour & Return to Cusco.

    Rise early and head to the bus station for the drive up to the citadel itself, which is hidden on a mountain top amid cloud forests. With your professional local guide, you will enjoy a 2-hour tour during which you’ll explore the most important parts of the Inca city of Machupicchu, including the urban, agricultural and adjacent zones. The Temple of the Sun, the Intihuatana, and the Principal Bath are only a few of the impressive sights that you will see.

    After your tour, you have the option to explore more of the site and capture some final photos. If your trek gets you yearning for more, you can climb up the lush peak of Huayna Picchu or Young Mountain. The extra trek is not for the faint of heart and must be done with extreme caution. But the opportunity to see Machu Picchu from another angle often beckons the more adventurous visitor. The Tickets for Huayna Picchu are limited to 400 visitors per day, must be purchased in advance please let us know if you are interested.

    In the afternoon, you will take a comfortable train back to Cusco. You also have the option to stay an extra night in Aguas Calientes if you wish, let us know and we will be very happy to help.

    Day 9: Cusco – Lima – Home

    In the morning we are going to pick you to drive you to the Airport in Cusco to take your flight to Lima after 1 hour approximately you will get to Lima.

    You have different options in Lima so you can take a tour to the most important of the city.

    End of the Service.

  • Included in the price of the Package:

    • entrances are included in the city of Cusco, Sacred valley
    • Round trip bus tickets Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu
    • transportation is included
    • professional guide in English
    • Accommodation in twin/double rooms at recommended hotels with private bathroom per 3 nights, including breakfast and 4 nights camping.
    • All meals as per itinerary
    • 24 hours service in emergency
    • Flight tickets from/to Lima

    With the Salkantay package you will receive:

    Transportation and tickets

    • Private transportation from Cusco to Soraypamapa
    • Round trip bus tickets Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu
    • Train From Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo – Cusco
    • Transfer from Cusco train station back to your Cusco hotel
    • Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu & Huayna picchu


    • Sleeping liner and mat
    • Dining & bathroom equipment
    • Tents for two people (single tents available for extra cost)
    • Saddled horse (1 saddled horse for every six passengers)
    • First-aid kit
    • Emergency oxygen bottle


    • Professional, knowledgeable bilingual guide
    • A cook to prepare your meals
    • Mule handlers and mules


    • High quality meals to provide the necessary energy for this challenging trek (including vegetarian options upon request)
    • In addition to three meals daily, you will be given revitalizing snacks
    • Hot drinks such as tea and coffee, as well as enough water for your canteens, water bottles, or hydration packs (collected from local streams and boiled while on the trek)

    Not Included

    • Sleeping bag
    • Tips
    • Train ticket from Hydroelectric Plant to Aguas Calientes
    • International air tickets and associated taxes (US$32.00).
    • Meals not specified on the itinerary.
    • Personal expenses such as telephone bills, tips, laundry expenses, beverages, porterage etc.