Rainbow Mountain Ausangate

Rainbow Mountain Ausangate, Vinicunca Treks

The growing popularity of the Rainbow Mountain Ausangate has blown up in the last year and will only continue to attract more and more trekkers and travelers from all over the globe.  The beautiful Rainbow Mountain Ausangate take trekkers through some of the most beautiful Peruvian landscapes and most unique sections of the largest mountain chain on Earth.  The Andes Mountains have held this majestic secret of a hike for generations, however with every new visitor to the Rainbow Mountain Hike Peru, this location three hours South of Cusco has become a main attraction in the area.

If you decide to hike the beautiful Ausangate trek, you will eventually come to the Rainbow Mountain Hike Peru.  Hiking this trail isn´t the easiest but the reward is evident.  Some of the most amazing visuals and natural beauty you will have the chance to experience in all of Peru, the Rainbow Mountain Ausangate yield some of the best pictures you can take on your vacation to Peru.  All along the Rainbow Mountain Ausangate you will pass local people still herding alpaca and farming off the land like they have for generations untouched and unseen from the modern world, this unique trek will give you a chance to glimpse the everyday lives of the Andean people.

Hikers enjoy the Rainbow Mountain trails due to the lack of foot traffic you will encounter along the way.  Unlike the famous Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu that is regulated by the government and sees thousands of visitors in a month, the Rainbow Mountain hiking trails are gaining popularity but are still rather unknown to the common traveler.  Because of this, these Rainbow Mountain hiking trails see probably less than a hundred people a day if that.  A guide and booking through a well known company like PERU PATH is recommended although not required as of now.  As the hiking trail entertains more and more people over the years we suspect this to change as the demand for the Rainbow Mountain trek has increased so much in the last year alone, going from an unknown secret spot for hikers in the know, to people traveling to Peru specifically for this hike.

If you wish to enjoy the Rainbow Mountain hiking trails fully, we recommend checking PERU PATHs main website and trekking page for more information.  We offer completely customizable trips based on how much time you have to spend here in Peru as well as your specific style of traveling.  PERU PATH has something for everyone.  Our most popular version of the Rainbow Mountain hiking trail is a one day trip that takes you from Cusco, to the beautiful Rainbow Mountain, and then back again before dinner.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to make a booking as we would love to have you with us to experience this amazing wonder of nature in Peru.