Rainbow Mountain Cusco

Popular Rainbow Mountain Cusco

You will begin your journey to the beautiful Rainbow Mountain Cusco.  The Rainbow Mountain is about three hours south of Cusco, but still in the considered to be in the Cusco region.  When you arrive into Cusco and are walking around the main Plaza de Armas you will notice lots of different companies offering Rainbow Mountain Cusco.  Depending on your traveling style you will have many choices and a diverse set of options when choosing a Rainbow Mountain trek while in Peru.

PERU PATH offers a completely customizable experience depending on what style best fits you.  We begin our Rainbow Mountain Hike Peru early in the morning departing at about 5:00am.  This will allow us to arrive three hours south of Cusco at a decent time to start hiking the Rainbow Mountain trail.  The Rainbow Mountain trek usually takes 2 ½ to 3 hours hiking one way, arriving at the top of the beautiful Rainbow Mountain midday before heading back to the trail head for some lunch prepared for you by our PERU PATH chefs.

Before leaving, you will have many chances to research and find any information on the Rainbow Mountain Cusco.  Until recently, this beautiful and rewarding hike went unnoticed and there were few companies even offering the journey to Rainbow Mountain in Cusco.  Its growing popularity is ever increasing and will only continue to gain momentum as more and more trekkers and travelers are realizing there is an amazing natural and colorful rock formation in the Peruvian Andes Mountains near the great mountain of Ausangate.

After we leave the top of Rainbow Mountain Hike Peru around midday, we will head back to the trail head, enjoy a nice meal, and then begin our drive back to Cusco.  The entire ride through the mountains are extremely picturesque as you will be riding through untouched and traditional villages of the Andean people as well as Inca ruins not seen or known about by mainstream society.  When you arrive into Cusco, we recommend taking this trek to the unique and magical Rainbow Mountain.  A full day trip is all you need to explore and experience the beauty, however there are options for multiple day treks as well.  PERU PATH takes pride in being able to cater to your traveling style and offer you a life changing experience in one of Peru´s most amazing locations.