Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca

The Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca

Somewhere along the world’s largest mountain range lays a hidden peak unknown to most of the world until recently. The Andes Mountains stretch for about 4,500 miles and contain a vast number of volcanoes, glaciers, wildlife and remnants of ancient civilization.  The section of the Andes located in Peru hold possibly some of the most beautiful peaks as well as the tallest.  One peak in particular has recently caught the attention of photographers and trekkers alike as its unique appearance is one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces.

Three hours south of Cusco city in the South America country of Peru stands the great Ausangate Mountain.  This great mountain stands well over 6,000 meters and contains some of the most beautiful trekking trails in all of Peru.  One in particular is the enigmatic Rainbow Mountains of Ausangate.  The Rainbow Mountain Hike Peru are a top destination for trekkers wanting to experience lesser known trails.  With beautiful views of valleys of the great Ausangate Mountain itself its east to tell why the Rainbow Mountains trail is beginning to see an increase in attention worldwide.

The Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca are a part of the Ausangate region of Peru which has a lot of history in ancient mythology with the Incas as well as religious significance with todays population.  During the month of May, Peruvians from all over converge to this beautiful location at the foot of Ausangate, just a few hours hike from the Rainbow Mountains, to celebrate their annual holiday of Quyllur Rit´i.  This is a sacred pilgrimage for the local people of the region and its location at the great Ausangate Mountain, just a short hike from the Rainbow Mountains is a spectacle to behold.

Ausangate and the Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca are unique mountain peaks that one can easily trek to and experience in a day.  However, if you have more time to spend in the Cusco Peru area, multiple day hikes to Ausangate also include a trip to the Rainbow Mountains of Ausangate as a part of most companies packages.  PERU PATH offers completely customizable options for anyone wishing to experience the beautiful Rainbow Mountains of Ausangate.  If you are coming to Peru and enjoy trekking, this is a hike you will not want to pass up as the Rainbow Mountains of the Andes and Ausangate are truly a unique marvel of nature not found many other places in the world.