Salkantay Expedition

Salkantay Expedition – The Best Alternative Hike

When you arrive to Cusco in Peru, you will have many Salkantay Expedition options to consider.  Salkantay trekking companies all offer different styles of hikes and comfort.  With PERU PATH, you will have the full ability to customize all of your Salkantay Expedition option, creating a perfect hike and experience unique to you and your group.  Salkantay trekking experiences will be unique and different depending on the company you chose.  PERU PATH takes pride in offering the most authentic Peru hiking and Salkantay trekking experiences in all of the Cusco area.

The PERU PATH Salkantay trekking experience takes travelers and trekkers to some of the most beautiful locations in the Andes Mountains.  Salkantay Mountain is easily noticed by its beautiful white glacial snow capped peaks.  Often times while enjoying the Salkantay Trekking experience, you will hear great cracks and avalanches coming from the beautiful mountain of Salkantay.  This is probably where it gets its name, Salkantay means “invincible” or “powerful.”

Your Salkantay Expedition options include an optional hour long hike on the first day after reaching your first basecamp.  This optional Salkantay Expedition option takes you above your first campsite to a beautiful glacial lake called Humantay.  This is a highly recommended short trek that you can embark on after reaching your campsite for the night on day one of the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu.  The views of the valley below, as well as the beautiful glacial mountain pouring water into the aqua blue glacial lake are sights that will be in your memory the rest of your life.

When following the Salkantay trekking trails, it is important to realize the route takes you through many different climates and terrains.  From rocky slopes that ascend to 15,000 feet, to the beautiful sub tropical climates of the High Jungle Cloud Forest of Salkantay.  The Salkantay trekking adventure is as diverse as it it rewarding, following local trails and passing through local villages at some point.  You will have a great chance to glimpse the life of the Andean people still living the same way they have for generations.

If you are coming to Peru and are looking for an alternative trek to Machu Picchu other than the Classic Inca Trail, look no further than the beautiful Salkantay Trail.  The Salkantay trek adventure tour will surely blow your expectations out of the water while providing some of the most beautiful memories of your time in Peru.  Please check our website at for all of our Salkantay Expedition options.