Salkantay Trek Weather

The Salkantay Trek Weather

As you may already know weather is almost impossible to predict at times.  The Peruvian Andes Mountains add to that unpredictability with the differences in elevation and proximity to different topographies in Peru.  We recommend preparing for anything.  At times your Salkantay trek could be very hot, or very cold depending on the time of year as well as what part of the Salkantay trek you are on.  As the Salkantay Trek Weather is unpredictable it will make your trek more enjoyable if you come prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

In the Andes Mountains there are only two seasons: wet and dry.  The wet season begins in November and can go all the way through March.  During these months it is very common for there to be rain everyday and the trail may be very wet.  The dry season goes from March to October.  During these months there still is a chance of rain but there will be more sunshine and good trekking conditions throughout the dry season.  The Salkantay trekking takes hikers through many climates as the mountains hold different weather conditions than the lowlands.

On the second day of your Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu you will come to the highest elevated portion of the hike.  Salkantay Pass is a beautiful place to view all the surrounding areas.  However when you arrive to this point over 15,000 feet, the winds and the weather can be a bit harsh.  Be prepared for very cold weather at this beautifully elevated lookout point.

As you descend from the Salkantay Pass, you will notice the landscape starting to change.  The harsh conditions of the glacial mountain give way to the warm and humid conditions of the Cloud Forest.  You will come to find this area of the Salkantay trekking to be very warm and you may want to take off your jacket that you needed for the coldness of Salkantay Pass.

It is important to know that Salkantay Trek weather is very unpredictable.  Being prepared for anything will make your experience more enjoyable so be prepared for wetness, and dryness, cold conditions and very warm conditions, as well as a go with the flow attitude.  Your Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu will surely be a memorable journey no matter when you decide to come, just make sure you have prepared accordingly to life in the Andes Mountains of Peru.